Welcome to Medical Oncology Care Associates

Welcome to Medical Oncology Care Associates. We specialize in personalized care of patients with cancer and blood disorders. Our physicians and staff are committed to listening to you, treating you as an individual and answering your questions. That is why everything about our practice is designed around what the patient needs most.

clinical trial

What are Clinic Trials?

A clinical trial is a form of medical research that centers on patients. These carefully planned, scientific studies help doctors select the safest, most effective approaches to cancer treatment.

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How to make an appointment?

Patients, family members or caregivers may contact our office Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00-5:00 at 714-541-6622. We have two practice locations so our receptionist will be able to tell you the closest location of service to your home.

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What is Cancer

What is Cancer?

Cancer develops when cells in a part of the body begin to grow out of control. Although there are many kinds of cancer, they all start because of out-of-control growth of abnormal cells.

Different types of cancer can behave very differently. For example, lung cancer and breast cancer are very different diseases. They grow at different rates and respond to different treatments. That is why people with cancer need treatment that is aimed at their particular kind of cancer.

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