Are you taking new patients?

Yes, and we try to schedule new patients to be seen as soon as possible.

Will I always see the same doctor?

Most of the time you will see your physician, however, should your physician be out of the office or unavailable , you will see our nurse practitioner or one of our other team physicians.

What will my insurance cover?

Our reimbursement staff is available to discuss what your insurance company will or will not cover. They will verify your coverage and pre-authorize medical procedures if required by your insurance company. They will also set up finanacial arrangements for all non-covered amounts.

Is chemotherapy given in your office?

Yes, we have an infusion suite within our office to accommodate your needs when receiving chemotherapy.

What chemotherapy drugs will I receive?

Once your diagnosis has been determined, your physician will consult with you as to your regarding your treatment options. At that time, he/she will discuss the most current drug and treatment plan for your specific cancer.